Law school: myths vs reality

Have you ever seen those memes that are always going around about law school?

Have you ever wondered if they’re any accurate? I know I have.

Well, it’s about time we debunk them. Or not. And when I say we, I mean me and you, because I hope there is still someone out there that reads this blog. (Just kidding, I see you. Hiii!) If you’re planning on taking this blog post seriously, you’ve come to the wrong place, but you’ll have your fun nonetheless (I guess).

Myth #1: We’re all nerds.

Well, given that you have to be a straight A student and excel in your exams, it’s kind of difficult not to be a nerd. But when in law school, you can see all the different types of nerds that there are in this world. It’s actually pretty funny. There are the true law-or-die book nerds who go to classes all day and study all night, the student athletes (who are usually really good-looking), the really into-politics nerds, the trying-too hard not to be a nerd nerds (which is pretty much everyone, including me) and the cool kids (which are non-existent; we are still in law school guys!). The problem with the last category is that they are usually dorks.

Myth #2: We can’t lose an argument

We always seem to lose arguments with our siblings. Enough said.

Myth #3: We love to read

Everyone gets into law school loving studying, even though they can be really tired after their exams. By the time you are in your fourth year, studying is the thing you love to hate or hate to love, depending on the time of the year you find yourself throwing the civil code on the wall.

Myth #4: We are competitive

Can’t help but answer with a relevant meme here. b0299f41e21ae09e725ef9afe71e4e1d--law-school-humor-school-memes.jpg

Don’t read the hunger games. Come to law school, it’s so much better and FUNNIER.

Myth #5: We have all the answers

I’m sorry but, haven’t you heard it already? It depends. 

Myth #6: We find comfort in I fought the law by the Clash and think we’re bad-ass.

What? Is it just me?

If you’ve got any other myths you want me to adress, comment below. But chances are, they’re probably as legit as my dog (I don’t have one).

See you on the flip side or in law school.


Starting over

One of the things I love about cinema is the way a lot of things are romantisized. It’s beautiful, it helps release our lust for love and hope and eases our fears and anxieties. And come on, haven’t you ever walked down the street, listening to your song of the moment, thinking that you can be the protagonist of a film about your own life? Well, if you haven’t already, do it! It’s pretty cool!! But if you’ve lived a little, or a lot, you will know that there is this moment in every film that is totally unrealistic. The one where the hurt, disappointed and failed protagonist decides to get back on his feet.

There is always this moment where he has the biggest enlightment of them all and decides that they are going to turn his dreams, those long neglected dreams into a reality. And from then on, there is no struggle. To me that is one of the biggest lies one can tell someone or to themselves. Our lives have thousands, millions, billions of moments, seconds, minutes and memories that come with them. There is no forgetting the past or erasing anything painful or difficult. It stripes the person from its power to say that this, the minute you decide to change, everything is going to magically turn better. Because it won’t, but that’s ok. And that’s the struggle we have to face sometimes. That we want to believe in miracles, when all we can do is make them happen.

But the struggle to change is beautiful because it unleashes our will and our desire to continue. It can be uncomfortable and mind-numbingly tedious but in the end, it’s incredibly rewarding. To me, there isn’t a single moment but a lot of them. And that is the greatest beauty of them all. The power of the human voice is precious and embracing it is the most important thing we can do for ourselves. Neglecting it can be hurtfull to ourselves and it deprives us from the perks that come with speaking out.

In this journey of change there are a lot of moments and to me, this is one of them. So hi, again. I have no idea where this blog is going to go from here, but I’d love to take you with me.

Wake up call

This blog has always been my way of expressing whatever’s going on in my head or creating something that I hope others enjoy reading or seeing. My inconsistency is therefore heavily linked to my fear of failing to fulfill that vision. It’s not that I haven’t been writing or that I haven’t read or watched anything I consider worth talking about. It’s that I am by default excessively hard on myself because I am afraid something is not going to be as good as I can make it to be (or because I think that what I write about isn’t anything new to begin with). Being silent doesn’t lead to anything though. And that doesn’t lead to change, does it (This turned out way deeper than I thought very quickly!)?

During these past few years I have seen a lot of great things happening  to me as the outcome of listening to your calling. This might sound very hippie/optimistic/irrelevant to most of you but read on and you’ll get what I’m talking about. There are a lot of things in life we do because we have to, a lot of books we read for school or for work and some social gatherings we have to attend to as a part of a friend group or for a family member. There, though, other things that we do because we like them. Or things that we do without knowing the reasoning behind them. That’s what I mean by “calling”. It’s doing what you feel like doing. Doing something without caring what others think of you or what it might lead to, because it just feels right.

At this point you might think that I am promoting substance abuse or running away from your problems. That’s not what I mean, at all. Maybe you have this thing you do when you’re stressed, this music you listen to, poems that you write every night or an essay or a project that you’ve been working on for a while but haven’t told anyone about. Maybe even a class you’ve been going to for fun. It’s those things I’m talking about. Those things hold as much meaning as the things you have to do anyway and they shape you in a way that makes you stand out from anyone else. The point is, keep doing them for you because by doing them you will become the person you want to become.

When you do what feels right things fall into place very quickly. This is what I am doing today and I hope you do too, in the spirit of letting go of fear and doing what you feel is right or necessary.

On expectations

Recently I have had a lot of free time, which is both liberating and intimidating. Therefore, I have been thinking about things and life and human relationships a lot. Sometimes, you witness fall outs between friends or lovers, unnecessary criticism and negative attitudes coming from people in your life and you can’t help but feel like writing about the sudden insight that this brought you. Sometimes, you are the culprit of these behaviours yourself. Please don’t think of this as an attempt to preach what is ethical and what’s not, because it’s just the vibe I would hate to have on this blog. Think of it as some observations that have come from my life experiences and my thoughts on them.

“I would like her more if she was upbeat”, “He just wasn’t happy today, I didn’t like that. What’s wrong with him?”, “She could be more friendly today”. Isn’t there something obviously problematic in these phrases? Don’t they give you a negative impression or vibe? Or is it just me?

It is very rarely that a friend is sad or overly serious in front of me. When it happens it’s alarming (shouldn’t it be?). Or, again, it could be that we only try to show the happiest version of us even if we’re not feeling like that. So when a friend feels down, I try to be there for them if they want to talk about it or just be sad with someone. At least I hope I am. (I’m not a saint myself, please take that as a given). Isn’t the normal thing to do try to comfort them or at least stand by them if they are in the need of someone to talk to?

No one is pleased to see an other person sad. That is human. But saying that you don’t like someone when they’re sad or that you wish they were happier is just a little bit cruel, isn’t it? Because it implies that you counted on them to entertain you, tell you something funny or try to joke around all the time, even if they don’t really feel like it. And what if the other person is supposed to be your friend? I guess they weren’t much of a friend in the first place, were they? I don’t know which of the two is worse. Expecting from someone to always be happy even when they’re not or imply that you counted on them to always entertain you.

If there is something that can ruin human relationships that is expecting from someone to be a certain way. Why? Because we shouldn’t be put in a mood box or in a category within our friends and family. There shouldn’t be such a thing as “happy Kleanthi” or a “funny friend”. And let’s say that there is, a mood doesn’t define a person. In our relationships we should be allowed, even encouraged to feel all the emotions that we’re experiencing in the current moment and not feel restrained or guilty about it. We should be able to be sad, happy, outrageously excited and even mad.  We should be allowed to be ourselves and act like it. If friends expect from us to be happy robots every single time, then they aren’t genuine or they don’t understand the true meaning of friendship.

5 ways to beat the heat in Athens

(or wherever you are)

Summer is upon us. There is no doubt about it; even though it was raining cats and dogs last week. In Greece it can be very hot during the summer. Whether you’re living here or you’ve just visited it during the summer, feel free to nod behind your screen freely. If this summer finds you somewhere in Athens unable to find salvation from the everlasting heatwaves, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what I do when it’s excruciatingly hot outside and what you could do as well, if you’re doing none of this already.

  1. Visit a museum. Okay, okay, I know you’re ready to give up on me after this. But don’t. You know why? Museums can be cool. Take the Acropolis Museum or the National Achaeological Museum for example. They have hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Also, museums are cold. Hence, why you could just go there for a change of scenery (if you’re into art/history) from your hopefully air conditioned house.
  2. Go to an open air cinema. Open air cinemas are the best place to go in a hot summer night for three main reasons: the greenery, the atmosphere and the film. These types of cinemas that thrive in Greece during the summer months are usually surrounded by some type of greenery that serves as an elimination of distractions and a source of oxygen. They’re an open spaces and provide you with a view of the night sky. ( Another reason why this could be your best chance of escaping the heat is that this time of the year comes with the return of some great films like the Godfather that was airing two weeks ago.
  3. Hang out in a park. Athens doesn’t have a lot of parks. Especially if you live in the center, you won’t have a great deal of options. There is the national garden, right next to the Parliament and the garden of the Megaron, the Athens Concert Hall. During the summer, a lot of concerts are organized in the garden of the Concert Hall. So why not? The tickets are affordable as well.
  4. Go out at night. But on a terrace. Monastiraki, Plaka and Kerameikos (or Gazi, as we call it) have a lot of rooftop bars that are just perfect for a hot summer evening. Whether you prefer your drinks classy (A for Athens) or trendy (Couleur Locale), terraces are the place to be in Athens in the summer. A lot of bars throw parties or invite cool DJs so be in the lookout for those.
  5. Avoid the bus in the afternoon. 3 pm is not a great time to be catching the bus in Athens for two reasons. Number one: It’s always hot in the afternoon and buses are crowded during that time of the day. Everyone wants to go home, so they get on the bus frantically and all of that, in a 35 degree heat. Not the best place to be. Number two: there is always the metro. Faster and with good air-conditioning, there is nothing like escaping the heat by entering the train. If you can avoid the bus, do it at all costs! Exception: the dreadful green line.

So there you have it! I hoped you enjoyed this summer-inspired post. Hope it made you laugh a little. And if everything else fails.. you can always avoid the great outdoors during the heat wave!

See you on the streets!



A year of blogging!

As you can obviously tell from the title, today the Alternative Realities turn one! This time last year a very nervous me wrote the first post. Who would have thought that this time next year, I would be sitting at the same exact place brainstorming about the way I should celebrate the anniversary! In a year I’ve managed to write 30 blog posts, talking about films, music, travels and my random thoughts!

Even though it might not seem like a lot, to me it’s kind of a big deal for a couple of reasons. First of all, it’s the first time I’m THAT comitted to writing. This isn’t actually the first time I’ve written in my life. I destinctively remember writing a “novel” inspired by the adventures of Huckleberry Fin when I was around 10. Of course, I never got around to finishing it. Fast forward a few years later, when I experimented with a short story that got lost somewhere between a usb stick and a dead laptop. And then, after a few years off writing the Alternative Realities were born. Secondly, this whole blog thing that I have going on has really boosted my creativity. When you’re in university trying to keep up with school work and maintain a social life at the same time can really drain your creative juices. This blog has been my remedy when I was stuck in a rut and a great platform of sharing. Last but not least, this year of blogging was one of the fullest years of my life so far. I feel like I’ve grown and I’ve done things that I never imagined I would. From taking up photography to living abroad, it was a whirlwind of a year that had it all.

So what’s next?

Starting September, I’d really love to change things up here and start writing on a weekly basis (even twice a week, if I get my extreme time management skills back on!). You can expect to see more travel posts, more photos and maybe the odd post about politics here and there. And of course Films worth watching! Till then, I don’t know how often I will be writing here due to my need for a small pause and a lot of exams due in September. I can assure you though, that there is nothing more than great content coming your way as soon as possible!   I leave you with the hope that you enjoyed reading my blog this past year as much as I enjoy writing it. I couldn’t help but add this little piece of music (that everyone who knows me relatively well definitely recognises!) in order to get my dorky online celebration going.

Thank you for your feedback, your kind words and your support.

Here’s to another great year of blogging and lots of adventures!

Till next time,


When in Barcelona

Barcelona is a beautiful city, with a very lively atmosphere, a lot of tourists and bikes. It has wide streets and great museums. You can’t help but feel mesmerized by the views from Parc Guell and the Montjuic Castle. I visited it in April left with the impression that you can live eternally carefree there. Who wouldn’t want to spend their free time eating paella, patatas bravas and drinking sangria? It can’t get better than this, especially when you’re there with friends. I had the best time and can’t wait to go back when the time’s right. But for now, I leave you with some of the photos I took when I was there, always on black and white 35 mm film.

Gothic quarter 
Museum of Contemporary Art
Museum of Contemporary Art
Museum of Contemporary Art 
Sagrada Familia
Montjuic Castle


Hope you enjoyed them. 

Have you visited Barcelona? If yes, what were your impressions? 

Till next time,



Disclaimer: All photos are taken by me.